Isogeo API coverage and features

This page is about the functional coverage between Isogeo API and the Python package.


  • [X] group application (oAuth2 Credentials Grant)
  • [ ] user confidential application (oAuth2 Authorization Code Grant)
  • [ ] user public application (oAuth2 Implicit Grant)
  • [X] token auto refresh

Resource details ( GET /resources/{rid} )

Resource detailed parameters:

  • [X] id (metadata UUID)
  • [X] _include (subresources management)


  • [X] download resource in XML ISO-1939 version
  • [ ] resource with contacts subresource included ( GET /resources/{rid}/contacts )
  • [ ] resource with events subresource included ( GET /resources/{rid}/events )
  • [ ] resource with keywords subresource included ( GET /resources/{rid}/keywords )
  • [ ] resource with operations subresource included ( GET /resources/{rid}/operationds - only for services)

Keyword details ( GET /keyword/{kid} )

  • [X] kid (keyword UUID)
  • [X] _include (subresources management)
  • [X] searches for keywords in a specific workgroup ( GET /groups/{gid}/keywords/search )

These requests are not publicly available.

Thesaurus ( GET /thesauri )

  • [X] list of available thesauri
  • [X] specific thesaurus ( GET /thesauri/tid )
  • [X] searches for keywords in a specific thesaurus ( GET /thesauri/{tid}/keywords/search )

Shares ( GET /shares )

  • [X] list accessible shares
  • [X] specific share ( GET /shares/sid )

Licenses ( GET /licenses )

  • [X] list licenses of a workgroup
  • [X] details on a specific license ( GET /license/lid )

These requests are not publicly available.

Miscellaneous & bonus

  • [X] check API version
  • [X] check database version
  • [X] pick between different Isogeo API platform (PROD, QA, [INT])
  • [X] set protocol requests to HTTPS (default) or HTTP (only for GET requests not for authentication)
  • [X] get every API label automatically translated (not only INSPIRE themes)
  • [X] additional search parameter to automatically get full results without have to iterate with _limit and _offset
  • [X] option (ALL) to quickly get every subresources through _include parameter
  • [X] option (augment) to dynamically add shares ids to a search results tags (#6)
  • [X] option (tags_as_dict) to get tags as key/values (#26)
  • [X] method to easily download Isogeo hosted data
  • [X] method to easily get application properties from shares request
  • [X] method to easily get metadata edition URL on (handle direct tabs) - #23
  • [X] method to load credentials from structured files (#25)
  • [X] UUID checker and converter (hex <-> urn) to handle specific Isogeo UUID
  • [X] automatic check on values passed into query parameter to the API
  • [-] handle proxies setting (only for basic auth - not PAC nor NTLM)