isogeo_pysdk.api.routes_thesaurus module

Isogeo API v1 - API Routes for Thesaurus entities


class isogeo_pysdk.api.routes_thesaurus.ApiThesaurus(api_client=None)[source]

Bases: object

Routes as methods of Isogeo API used to manipulate thesaurus.

thesauri(caching: bool = 1) → list[source]

Get all thesauri.

thesaurus(thesaurus_id: uuid.UUID = '1616597fbc4348c8b11ef9d59cf594c8', include: tuple = ('_abilities', )) → isogeo_pysdk.models.thesaurus.Thesaurus[source]

Get a thesaurus.

  • thesaurus_id (str) – thesaurus UUID
  • include (list) –

    subresources that should be returned. Available values:

    • ’_abilities’
    • ’count’