isogeo_pysdk.api.routes_service_operations module

Isogeo API v1 - API Routes for ServiceOperations entities


class isogeo_pysdk.api.routes_service_operations.ApiServiceOperation(api_client=None)[source]

Bases: object

Routes as methods of Isogeo API used to manipulate service_operations.

create(metadata: isogeo_pysdk.models.metadata.Metadata, operation: isogeo_pysdk.models.service_operation.ServiceOperation) → isogeo_pysdk.models.service_operation.ServiceOperation[source]

Add a new operation to a metadata (= resource).

  • metadata (Metadata) – metadata (resource) to edit. Must be a service.
  • ServiceOperation (ServiceOperation) – service_operation object to create
listing(metadata: isogeo_pysdk.models.metadata.Metadata) → list[source]

Get all operations of a metadata service.

Parameters:metadata (Metadata) – metadata (resource) to edit. Must be type of service.
operation(metadata_id: str, operation_id: str) → isogeo_pysdk.models.service_operation.ServiceOperation[source]

Get details about a specific service operation and expand the model with the parent service metadata ‘_id’ reference.

  • metadata_id (str) – metadata with operations
  • operation_id (str) – service operation UUID